Monday, 2 February 2015

2015 Cosplans :D

We are now officially one month into the year 2015!  This year is going to be awesome!  I've got some groups planned for some upcoming cons, I am planning on entering some skits in masquerades and there are more people out there to befriend!  So let's take a look at my plans for this year!

The first on this list is a cosplay that I started working on almost a year ago.  Shunki is a minor character from the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari.  She may be seen in only a couple of episodes but she possesses a strange power and is super bad-ass when it comes down to helping out the main character!  I decided to cosplay her since I love that series and she doesn't get all that much love as a character.  Since she is a winter cosplay she will be debuted at Katsucon in a couple of weeks from now!

Next is Howl from Howl's Moving Castle, my first crossplay attempt!  I recently got to debut him at a small con with a Sophie and a Witch of the Waste!  Our group was so awesome and we got so many great reactions from people.  This cosplay was made specifically for the group I just mentioned but I will be wearing him at other cons this year as well.

I have a secret cosplay planned for this year!  Unfortunately I won't be able to debut it at Katsucon this year (I don't have enough time to finish it) which means I have to keep it secret until the Spring!!! Unless I manage to figure out a way to get it done in less than a week.... :P

Pocahontas will be my second Disney princess cosplay!  I will be teaming with my friend Anniechie who will cosplay Esmerelda.  I might be a very white Pocahontas but I will rock that costume and paint with all the colours of the wind!  I chose to make her redesign because she has some sort of footwear (which is ideal) and I like all the little details that were added to the dress.  She will be debuted at Ottawa Comic Con.

Be prepared for my first ever villain cosplay!  I absolutely loved Delphine's character from Last Exile but I hated her main outfit.  I liked her younger version better, even it if only appeared in the anime for a grand total of two minutes :P  I hope to debut her at Anime North this year but I'm not too sure if I will have the time/money to complete her by then.  We shall see!

Last but not least I will make Fuu for a complete Magic Knight Rayearth Group for Otakuthon!  I am really excited for this one.  I love flowy fabrics, magical girls and massive swords so Fuu was the perfect choice for me to cosplay!  Green is also my favourite colour so that is an added bonus!  I expect her to be my most expensive cosplay to date so I will have to try and start hunting down for those sales now!

I also have some commissions that I will be finishing this year.  Princess Zelda and Link are already started, I just have to finish them before Montreal Comic Con this summer.  Hikaru will be a joint effort between all member of our group as the girl cosplaying her has never cosplayed before!  Malon will be made for a very dear friend of mine and I hope to get it done by the time summer comes around.

I do want to make other costumes this year as well but I think that those ones will only happen in the fall.  All right, lets do this!