About Me


Ever since I can remember I have had an infatuation with costumes, mostly pretty gowns.  I used to flip through the Christmas magazine, pick out all my favourite outfits from the doll section and re-draw them, imagining what it would be like to make them.  I never really thought about making my own costumes until I got to college, and even then my costumes were still created only on paper.  I was always afraid to try and make something.  Finally in university, I made some new friends and they were the ones that finally got me to do what I've always wanted to do; make pretty gowns.

I started cosplaying in the summer of 2012 and debuted my first costume at Otakuthon.  Since then I have made eighteen costumes for myself and five costumes for others.  I often compete in masquerades and I recently leveled up to the master level.  Cosplay is a great hobby and I hope that I can encourage young cosplayers to join in with the fun!


Location: Montreal, Canada
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering
Hair Colour: Dirty Blonde
Eye Colour: Hazel
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Hobbies: Cosplay, Irish Dancing, Piano, Flute, Painting, Drawing, Traveling
Favourite Band: Kalafina
Favourite Song: This is My Road
Favourite Book Series: Harry Potter
Favourite Anime: Cardcaptor Sakura
Favourite Film: The Lord of the Rings
Favourite Food: Lasagne
Favourite Animals: Dolphin, Polar Bear, Penguin
Favourite Quote: "Not all those who wander are lost"
Words of Advice: Dance like no one is watching

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