Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Bakuretsu Con 2014 Journal

Bakuretsucon is a small town convention located in Colchester, Vermont.  Even though the con was pretty tiny (it was held in a small hotel where some of the events were held in hotel rooms) the people were all super friendly and the atmosphere was really cozy.  I went with my boyfriend and our friend Bandit Spurs, deciding the very last minute that we would stay Friday night in Colchester at a local hotel to be in the area for Saturday.  Due to some unexpected delays, we only arrived in Colchester at 4 am!  We checked into the hotel (which was a super cute, super cheap Hollywood themed place) and crashed.  Four hours later, Bandits and I went to get breakfast before getting into our costumes for the day.

I was dressed as Sheik for the day while Bandit's was Princess Zelda.  It was so much fun walking around the con as a pair!  We got to interact with each other and be silly as our characters.  We even got some professional photos taken of us!  I can't wait for those to be uploaded so I can share them with everyone :D  We got some awesome shots from that shoot!

Bandits and I entered in the masquerade as separate entries and we experienced pre-judging for the first time.  Each of us were given a time slot where we would meet with all the judges at once.  During my pre-judging it was discovered that my right thigh armour was rapping on the inside.  I was forced to undo the faster that caused the craft foam to rip so that further damage could be prevented.  I am going to have to find a way to fix it for the future (I will most likely superglue the craft foam in place).  I also forgot to bring printed out references of my costume so I ended up having to show them pics on my phone.

Right before leaving Montreal I came up with a really great performance idea.  I choose to go the "totally-out-of-character" route.  My entry was titled "Miss Hyrule" and for my walk-on I did a catwalk type of thing to "Sexy Back".  If you wish to see the performance and laugh at the MC's comments then click here.  Bandits went for a very elegant and princess-like walk-on and that performance can be found here.  After the masquerade entries finished, the AMV winners were shown to the audience (the judges deliberated during this intermission).

Those AMV's were freaking awesome!  Some of them were really well done!  My favourite one was made to look like an upcoming feature film.  The masquerade award ceremony was held right after (which was awesome as we were only staying for one day).  Bandits won the award for Best Advanced Craftsmanship and I won the award for the Best Advanced Walk-On :D  We were handed certificates as well as handmade bomb candles (which I will never light lol).

We decided to stay a bit longer as there was a charity auction with some interesting items for sale.  I bid on a Magic Knight Rayearth DVD set but I didn't win it.  I didn't have enough money and I wasn't about to pay more than $20 for it.  During the auction we found a Link and a Malon and took some pictures together :D

I would definitely go back again, maybe as a panelist and for more than one day next time!

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