Sunday, 9 November 2014

Montreal Comic Con Journal

I was originally planning on finishing three costumes in two weeks (plus schoool) for Montreal Comic Con (Sept 12-14).  I was working on Twilight Princess Zelda for a friend, Twilight Princess Concept Art Sheik for myself and Ocarina of Time Link for my boyfriend.  I couldn't even complete one of those costumes in time, which was disappointing.  The con however was far from disappointing.

Friday:  My boyfriend and I arrived at MCC before the panels started.  The line for pre-registration was super short which was a plus :)  My boyfriend left right after getting his badge to go to a meeting.  I decided that I would get in line for Yaya's panel.  I was an hour early and I got to talk to some cosplayers who were also keen on attending the panel.  Because I was early I got to sit in the front and even managed to save a seat for my bf (whose meeting prevented him from arriving to the panel at all).  All the questions that people asked were interesting and useful and everyone thoroughly enjoyed all the answers.  I got to ask Yaya a question (which in itself is amazing that I was actually able to formulate a question) and she said that my cosplay was very cute :3

Right after the panel I went to get in line for Kamui's panel.  My bf managed to meet up with me while I was waiting in line.  This was the second panel of Kamui's that I saw and it did not disappoint!  Her English has improved a lot since last year and she is super funny!  I am very glad that I was able to listen to her lecture :)

Saturday:  The convention center was incredibly packed on the second day of the con!  I've never seen it filled with so many people!  Apparently the day passes sold out and there was a three hour line to get in!  I was very glad that I had a weekend pass.  It was a very cold and wet day and of course I had the brilliant idea of wearing Sakura Kinomoto.  It was fine for indoors but as soon as I had to leave, it was freaking cold!  I went to the con with my bf and a friend of mine (it was her first convention).  We attended the Billy Boyd and Stephen Amell Q&A's.  I was expecting to fangirl hard in Billy's panel but I managed to remain calm and collected, even when I went and asked him a question!  We actually had a bit of a conversation because he had no idea what my costume came from.  To top things off, he said that it was cute!  Eeeeeeeee :D

Between the two panels I got to meet Kamui and Monika Lee at their booths!  I splurged and bought all of Kamui's books right on the spot!  We took some pictures, her holding my clow staff and me holding her battle axe!!!  (OMG)  We went to see Monika Lee after and it turns out that she really liked my Sakura costume as well (I got lots of compliments at this con).  We browsed her prints and took photos with her.  Then it was off to Stephen's panel.  My friend whoc was with us got to ask him a question which completely made her day!  I am so happy she got to talk to him briefly as it was her first con and I was worried that she would be let down.

We ended the day by shopping in the dealer's room (I found my Kero!) and attending the masquerade.  The costumes were awesome but the MC's were a little inexperienced and were kind of awkward.  
Sunday:  I spent most of my morning finishing up my Rosie Cotton cosplay which I had started the day before the con.  We got to the con after lunch and mostly wandered the dealer's room.  When people asked me who I was, they often commented that I was too tall to be a hobbit.  I laughed it off but those comments kind of stung.  I realized that comic conventions have a slightly different culture when it comes to cosplay.  I didn't let it bother me though because I understood that those people didn't understand cosplay all too well.  I got to meet Yaya Han in person at her booth and bought one of her calenders.  I can't wait to post it on my wall and be inspired by her amazing costumes all year round!

All in all, MCC was an awesome con, I got to debut new costumes and meet awesome people and hang out with friends!

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