Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Cornwall Photo Shoot + Coticon 2015 Journal

This year I was able to attend two of the events organized by the Coticon committee!  The first event was scheduled in early summer and was a complete outdoor event.  Thank goodness we had great weather!  It was a photo shoot type of event, where cosplayers and photographers mingled and had lots of fun derpy moments together,  I was cosplaying as Mew Zakuro and I attended the event with my good friends Bandit Spurs (casual photographer), Tsuki no StarDust (Masked Lumen and Father Balder) and Tattered Tartan (kilt wearing photographer).

Mew Zakuro, Photo Credits to Cyberfox007 Photography
Upon arrival I was greeted by a cute little Alice cosplayer (Pandora Hearts) who was so happy that I was cosplaying as a Mew.  I'm pretty sure I made her day!  Anniechie of course was running around being an organizer and a cosplayer (Esmerelda) at once.  Luckily organizing a photo shoot day doesn't need a whole lot of supervision so she was able to partake in some of the photo shoots that happened.  We spent the whole afternoon at the event, made some new friends and enjoyed a few derpy moments.

Cosplay Friends!
The second event that I attended was the actual convention Coticon 2015.  Unfortunately due to my family having a last minute gathering the same day I could only attend for half of the day.  I wore my Sakura Hime cosplay that day and surprisingly I didn't die of the heat, which is saying something as the convention was held in late August!  The morning started off with Bandit Spurs, StarDust and I giving a cosplay 101 panel.  It was my second panel that I've done but it was my first time being the lead of the panel.  I think we did pretty well since we got an applause at the end of it!

Bandits, StarDust and I giving the Cosplay 101 Panel
Right after the panel I joined up with Tsuki no StarDust, SawakoMio and Mizuki and Pheli for a huge Tsubasa photo shoot!  We had lots of fun setting up the photos with the massive chair and derping around.  All too soon I had to change and leave in order to get back to my parent's place for the family gathering.  It was great fun, even if I didn't get to hang around all that much!  I look forward to next year's Coticon and who knows, maybe I'll even make a more specialized cosplay panel!

SawakoMio and I as Twin Sakuras

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