Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Mukaido Manaka

I wanted to try my hand at making a seifuku for a school girl so that I could have a comfy cosplay for lazy Sundays at cons.  I chose to make Manaka's costume as my first one because she is such a cute character and I totally adored the series!  I needed to show it some love, not to mention the costume was too cute to pass up!


Dress - I started out with a simple dress pattern that consisted of a princess seamed bodice and a box pleated skirt.  I modified the dress to have knife pleats instead of box pleats and to have a V-neck.  The dress was made using a white fabric that was relatively heavy.  The blue strip along the bottom as well as the blue sailor collar was made out of a knit fabric.  The sailor collar was hand drafted and added to the dress before the lining for the bodice was sewn in.  The dress closes with an invisible zipper located in a side seam.

Sailor Collar
Socks - The socks took very little time to make, I just needed to paint the blue stripe along the top of the knee length white socks.

Painting the socks
Earrings - The earrings were made using white feathers and bobby pins.  I don't have my ear pierced so all the character earring I make use bobby pins to fix them to the wig behind the ear.

Wig - The wig was bought off of an eBay store.  Her hair was pretty simple to make, I only needed to trim the bangs.

Cut bangs
Shoes - I wanted to try and find some brown Mary Janes for this cosplay but I was cheap so I just used my brown flats that I bought for "bare-footed" characters.

Completed Costume

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