Thursday, 18 February 2016

Ottawa Pop Expo 2015

Bandit Spurs, C-o-r-E, Tim and I trekked up to Ottawa Pop Expo on the Sunday just to check things out and of course it gave us cosplayers another excuse to dress up!  Tattered Tarten joined up with us for the day and hitched a ride back with us (he was there all weekend).  Bandit Spurs wore her recently completed Malon cosplay and I wore my re-vamped Howl cosplay.  We toured the dealers room for the majority of the time and took photos/videos of all the awesome cosplayers.  I got to flirt with a bunch of girl who wanted their photo taken with me.  I really went all out with Howl, taking on her personality and acting like a charming playboy.  It was weirdly empowering and great fun.

Hall Shot of Howl
We got to meet up with some Ottawa cosplay friends during our meanderings and had some fun chilling in the board game section.  At one point Bandits, Tattered Tartan and I headed outside grab some photos of each other.  We got some great shots and even some fanservicy crossover photos :D  While it wasn't a very eventful con, it was really fun to hang out with friends dressed up as fictional characters.

Mowlon :P

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