Saturday, 13 October 2012

Padme Ripped Battle Costume

I've always wanted to make a Padme costume but all of her costumes seem so difficult to approach.  I decided to start with her battle costume because it was the simplest of them all and seemed the easiest to do.


Shirt - I bought a cream turtle neck sweater at Value Village and modified it. I cut off the collar, being very careful not to cut past the neckline.  I then went and cut off a little at the bottom.  I tried it on and noted how short it was.  I kept cutting and trying on the shirt until I was satisfied with the length of the shirt.  I took some smaller fabric scissors and cut some jagged lines along the new "hem" of the shirt to make it more realistic.  I then cut some slashes into the back of the shirt, being careful not to cut too high to avoid showing my bra.  The last thing to cut was the right arm.  I cut off most of the length and finished the ragged edge using the smaller scissors.

Back of Shirt
Front of shirt
Pants - I bought some cheap white leggings for the pants.  Since the material of the leggings is quite sheer I also bought some nude panty hose to wear underneath to give it a more even skin tone look.  When I wear the panty hose and the leggings I have to be careful that the hose does not show above the waist line of the pants.  I just roll the top down until it is concealed.  I don't mind the bulge too much as I know that the belt and the pouches will cover that up.

Boots - I once owned a pair of beige boots that I bought for really cheap at a thrift store.  My mum however gave them away because I hadn't worn them for a while so now I'm bootless.  I do have a pair of nude heels that I can still make boot covers for.  The heel isn't as sturdy as Padme's actually is but in this cosplay I'm not really going to crazy attention to detail as it is a closet cosplay.

Belt - I bought a beige fabric belt at H&M years ago.  I will use that belt for the costume as it is a good colour and good material for the costume.

Belt Pouches - Coming soon

Wig - I have an Irish dancing bun wig that matches my hair colour.  It is made up of really tight curls that are supposed to bounce when you dance.  Padme's real wig is actually a bunch of twists of hair made into a bun so my wig won't be exactly accurate but it will be a close enough estimate.

Back Scratches - Coming soon

Armbands - Coming soon

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