Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Rosie Cotton

This cosplay came out of no where in the two days leading up to Montreal Comic Con 2014.  I was originally going to finish all the Legend of Zelda costumes that my group and I planned to debut at the con but alas time was not on my side and I could not finish in time.  I really wanted to make something for the con so I gathered all my spare materials and decided that I had enough to make a hobbit dress.  Since it was a blue dress, I decided that it would be a Rosie Cotton cosplay!


Dress - The dress was made using Simplicity's 1771 pattern.  This entire dress only cost me less than five dollars to make.  I was given all of the fabric that I used and even the zipper!  I only had to buy ribbon and elastic for this costume.  The main fabric for the skirt and bodice was a blue gingham cotton, the front bodice panel was a blue floral cotton and the sleeves and ruffles were made from a white satin.  Those ruffles took me forever to make even as the satin didn't want to budget and I broke one of the gathering threads early on.  This is a super easy costume to wear!  I hope to make some invisible shoes for next time so that I can waltz around "barefoot" and still be protected (somewhat).

Completed costume

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