Sunday, 4 January 2015

Cosplay Summary of 2014

This past year was a pretty awesome cosplay year for me!  I managed to complete seven costumes with four others well underway!  I feel like I've learned quite a bit.  My production speed has certainly increased and my craftsmanship is improving.  Here is my summary of the year :)

All the "First's" I Accomplished:

  • Ears and tail set
  • Clay prop
  • Use of Worbla
  • Large prop
  • Hat
  • Double mandarin collar
  • Soft armour
  • Fabric Painting
  • Applique
  • Obi tying
  • "real" wig styling 

Things I Learned:

  • Long braids get matted rather quickly
  • Lining is a really good way to give structure to garments
  • How to breathe properly in a super tight top that threatens to snap open in the back (because I had the brilliant idea of using snaps as a fastener)
  • Clay props are awkward to carry around
  • Fashion tape is really useful for keeping thigh high socks up
  • Using Worbla which is heat activated over a Styrofoam base isn't the best idea in the world... but it works!
  • Wearing capes changes my posture when I walk and thus cause shoulder pain later on
  • Carrying a prop around is annoying when two hands are required for certain tasks
  • Tailcoats are super cool!
  • Painted shoes don't stay painted for very long
  • Large bunny ears are a poking hazard for tall people
  • Wearing a bunny tail makes sitting in seats with backs uncomfortable
  • Always wear safety glasses when using the sewing machine (needles do break and they do fly in your face)
  • Punching eyelets makes holes in my floor
  • Soft armour made from craft foam doesn't breathe
  • Ripping fabric is fun!
  • Fabric wrapped braids came come undone at the worst times
  • My machine does not like satin stitching
  • If fabric gets stained by sewing machine oil, Eaze-Out is the way to go for stain remover
  • Obis are hard to tie with super long sleeves!
  • Got 2b glued is the best hairspray for wig styling ;)

Cheapest & Fastest to Construct Cosplay - Rosie Cotton

This costume seriously cost me less than $10!  I was given most of the fabric and the only things I needed to buy were a few notions.  It was also completed in a day so it was the fastest cosplay to construct as well!

Most Expensive Cosplay - Sakura Kinomoto

Even though this costume is my most expensive one of the year, it still cost me less than $200, which I think is pretty good considering how much money one can spend making a costume!  The prop I made for Sakura could have been made with cheaper materials but I wanted it to be durable and to last quite a few Sakura costume (as I plan to do many more in the future) so I opted for more expensive materials.

Longest to Construct Cosplay - Sheik

This costume is still not 100% complete (still have some minor details to add and some repairs to do).  So far this costume has taken approximately 43 hours to complete (possibly more, I'm terrible at keeping track of time).  The most time consuming part - adding all those eyelets to the armour!

Most Favourite Cosplay - Sakura Kinomoto

I finally achieved a childhood dream of mine!  I love Sakura and I love her design, it was so awesome to finally walk around with a "real" clow staff and pretend to capture all the things!

Second Most Favourite Cosplay - Sheik

It was so cool to be a ninja and walk around public in slippers!  I also got a ton of great reactions from people so that always boosts my confidence :)

Third Most Favourite Cosplay - Sakura Hime

I have not yet been able to wear this costume to an event but I love it already!  I've worn it around the house and I certainly feel like a princess in it!

Favourite Prop - Clow Staff

Hee hee this one is obvious after reading about my favourite cosplay!  It was really fun to carry around my clow staff, even if it did make things more awkward.

Favourite Convention - Otakuthon 2014

I went to a lot of amazing conventions this year but my favourite would have to be Otakuthon.  I made so many new friends at this con and had a blast cosplaying magical girls all weekend!  It was also the con that I happened to level up to the Journeyman category.

Best Masquerade Performance - Miss Hyrule at Bakuretsu Con 2014

I seem to improve with each performance I do, so it makes sense that I think my best one was the last one I did!  I opted for a completely out of character walk on and it was hilarious!  To see the performance, click here.

Biggest Cosplay Challenge - Applique for Sakura Hime

As it turns out, my machine does not like the satin stitch.  The appliques on the kimono took so long due to threads breaking, stitches not catching, machine needing oil then proceeding to stain my fabric and the Heat'n'Bond not adhering properly.

Fondest Cosplay Memory - Green Room at the Otakuthon Masquerade

I love meeting new people but I often feel that at a convention I don't get to mingle much with others unless I know them beforehand,  The green room of the masquerade is different as it forces a bunch of cosplayers to remain in their dens for a couple of hours before the show.  This allows you to meet new people and actually hang out with them for a bit!  As it turns out, I am starting to develop closer friendships with the people that I met backstage.

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