Friday, 19 June 2015

Sakuragi Yukari

Yukari was an unexpected, spur of the moment cosplay decision.  One of my cosplay friends had a few cosplays for sale and as usual I was browsing through them.  This one was for sale and the sizes all fit me so I purchased it off of her.  I like to support fellow cosplayers and this costume could also be used for other characters from the series since it's a school girl uniform.

The costume itself was a closet cosplay and consisted of a plain white shirt, a black blazer that had be modified to match the school blazer, a navy pleated skirt, a pair of glasses, a red bowtie, a short brown wig and an orange hairbow.  I do have to make some changes to this costume since I accidentally shrunk the skirt in the wash and now it no longer fits me xD Guess I need to make a new one!  Another added bonus is that the base of this outfit is the same as the high school girl outfits from Digimon Tri!  Maybe I'll cosplay Mimi one day :)

Completed Costume

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