Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Katsucon 2015 Journal

So many amazing costumes!!!  I can't even!!  This was my first ever Katsucon and my third US convention that I attended.  It was a really big endeavour with all the driving and the sheer cost of it.  Katsucon is not a cheap con to attend so keep that in mind if you are planning to go to it in the future!   Corey and I traveled with a photographer that I had met at Otakuthon 2014 (henrickson) and his friend.  We left Montreal late Wednesday night with my van and drove straight to National Harbour with a couple of hour long breaks to stretch our legs and eat.

We arrived in National Harbour on Thursday in the afternoon.  We checked into our hotel, brought all our luggage up to the room and went ahead with out business. Thursday night was spent walking around the convention hall and figuring out where all the events were happening.  Henry took some photos of con goers, myself included.

Howl taken by Henrickson
Friday came around and I started the day by wearing my Shunki costume.  It was my first time wearing the completed wig so I was a little concerned that it would fall off my head during the day.  Corey and I spent most of the day wandering around the con and taking photos of people.  We spent some time in the artist alley and the dealers room.  Later on during the day I went to enter my Shunki costume in the Hall Cosplay Contest.  While I was waiting to get judged, we met some Fate/Stay Night cosplayers.  They invited us to a room party where we met a bunch of other cosplayers.  It was my first time actually meeting and hanging out with new people at a con so it was a really great experience!

Meeting Kamui as Shunki 
Saturday started bright and early at the Clamp gathering.  I went in my Sakura Hime cosplay and I managed to get some really nice photos with a Syaoran and a Faye :D  I also got a polaroid photo taken of me!  I entered my costume in the Hall Costume contest for the Saturday and while waiting to get judged we met up with the same people that we hung out with the previous night!  The masquerade was the big event that night and some of the skits were freaking elaborate with all the set pieces and props.  After getting changed out of costume, we went out to dinner with our new friends.

Clamp gathering as Sakura Hime
Sunday was spent wandering the halls and taking photos of cosplayers.  I was dressed as Yukari from the anime Another, my first ever school girl cosplay!  Some of our new friends had a photo shoot for their Chobits cosplays and I suggested a few poses for them, which turned out beautifully!  Eventually we all had to say our farewells.  We weren't leaving util Monday morning so our hotel group went to get dinner before chilling by the gazebo for the rest of the evening.  The trip back home was long and exhausting but we all felt great about our experience.  I would totally do it again (though maybe with less driving)!

Sakuragi Yukari taken by Corey Clayton

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