Thursday, 8 September 2016

Arwen Undomiel - Dream Gown

This costume was a spur of the moment build.  I was shopping for notions for a different cosplay when my eye caught sight of a beautiful iridescent blue-purple fabric.  The shop owner wanted to get rid of it so she offered me the entire bolt (about 10 m) for $20.  I thought about it and realized that it would work perfect for Arwen's dream gown so I bought the whole roll!  Yay for surprise cosplays!

Reference photo

Dress - The dress consists of two layers that are attached to each other at the shoulders and along the zippered seam line.  The under dress was made using a pale purple stretch fabric that had a really awesome texture to it.  It is an empire waist dress with a form fitting body and a drapey, loose top.  The over dress was made using 2 large rectangles that join at the shoulder and have side seams down to the hips that leave a large seam allowance.  It is reminiscent of a chiffon but it is more fitted.  All the pieces started out as rectangles that I draped over a dress form until I got the right silhouette and fit that I wanted.  It was my first draping project and I think it turned out pretty well!  Since there are no back seams, the zipper is located on the side.

Under dress
Wig - I bought an Arda wig in dark brown in the style of Le Tigre for this cosplay.  I crimped the hair by braiding small locks of hair and pouring hot water over them.  I waited until they dried completely before taking out the braids.  To create her half up style I took little pieces from the front and with the help of hairspray and heat I pinned each lock down to create a rose inspired centerpiece on the crown of the wig.  I left two small locks down in the front that partially cover the ears in an attempt to hide the seam.

The rose centerpiece
Necklace and Shoes - The Evenstar pendant was bought from a seller on Ebay and luckily it arrived in time for the first debut of the costume.  I reused the nude ballet flats I bought for Irisiviel since she doesn't really wear shoes in this gown.

Completed costume - credits to Soulfool Cosplay and Photography

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