Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Irisviel von Einzbern

When I was watching Fate/Zero I got the sudden inspiration to create one of Iri's costumes and perform a music video cover of the second ending song.  I decided to go with her white (wedding?) gown since it was a simple enough costume and didn't require much effort to make.  I'm so glad I made this version of her because I feel like such a princess in it!


Dress - The dress was composed of four parts, the sweet heart bodice, the sleeves, the under skirt and the overskirt.  I took the pattern from my Pocahontas costume and altered the length of the bodice to create an empire waist.  The two skirts were both half circle skirts and the sleeves were patterned out on newspaper.  The gold details were done using a textured gold trim.  The dress has an invisible zipper in the back, is lined in the bodice and sleeves and has little loops to hold clear bra straps so that the dress actually stays up.

The bodice
Wig - I bought a pure white wig from The Anime Stuff Store in the style of Kana and some short wefts.  To style the bangs, I separated the main potion of the wig from the front two pieces .  I took a small portion of hair underneath the front pieces on each side, teased, hairsprayed and blow dried it until it held the shape I wanted.  I then combed over the mess with the clean top side of the front pieces.  I trimmed the bangs to the right length and used the remaining hair and some wefts to create a glued hairline underneath the bangs.  I trimmed the hairline and pinned the center part of the bangs underneath and to the side to create more of an open space in the middle.

Styling the bangs
Shoes - I didn't want the shoes to be a big eyesore or eye catcher for this costume so I settled on a nude pair of ballet flats that lace up the front.

Completed Costume - Credit to Soulfool Cosplay and Photography

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