Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Winter G-Anime 2016

G-Anime was a group excursion with Tsuki no StarDust, C-o-r-E and I that started late Friday evening.  We left Montreal later than we expected which resulted in us eating candies and chocolate in the car rather than an actual meal :P  Saturday we woke up bright and early to grab our badges and register for the masquerade.  Once all the paperwork was done we went back to the hotel and got dressed in our Tsubasa group cosplays!  It was my first time cosplaying as Yuuko and as soon as I had the makeup and wig on I felt like a completely different person!  It's really incredible how a cosplay can empower someone by just being worn :)

First time in Yuuko
Lunch was the next thing on our to do list for the day and we chilled in the food court with a bunch of cosplay friends.  We finally made it to the con and wandered through the dealer's room before stopping by Droo's booth for some photos.  While waiting in line for the photo booth I got to chat with Melting Mirror one of my cosplay senpais.  She now recognizes me which is really awesome :D  I only wish I could hang out with her more at cons.

Our masquerade performance
The masquerade was really fun, it was my first time entering with Tsuki no StarDust and our skit sweet!  If you want to check it our, click here!  Right after the masquerade we had a photo shoot with Erik Paredes Photography.  I made Tsuki no StarDust do some Yaoi poses and the results were gorgeous (tee hee)!  C-o-r-E was trapped in the masquerade until it finished so he didn't get to witness our shoot.

Master Awards
Sunday I got dressed in Yuuko once again while Tsuki wore Yukito and StarDust wore Ashura Ou.  We checked out of the hotel room and proceeded to the masquerade awards ceremony.  We ended up winning the "Strike the Pose" award and an Honourable mention for fabric painting in the master division!  Afterwards we met up with Detailed Illusion (Niq Cosplay), Miss Mess Mia and Elemental Photography and Designs for a big Tsubasa group photo shoot!  The shoot was the perfect thing to end the con with.  I really can't wait for next year it was really fun and not too stressful!

Overhead view of the group photo shoot

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