Monday, 17 August 2015

Anime North 2015 Journal

Thank God we had nice weather this year!  I have yet to experience a wet Anime North but from what I hear, they are really not fun!  Friday started out with a bunch of us piling into my van and heading to Toronto.  Bandit Spurs, Coral Peachy and Tsuki no Stardust accompanied Corey and myself on this venture.  We arrived in Toronto in the afternoon and quickly settled into the hotel.  I got dressed as Sakura Kinomoto and we all headed to the con to pick up our badges.  We didn't have anything planned all that much so we went back to the hotel to eat.  I got changed into Howl since some of us decided to go back to the con to check out some late night panels.

Two Howls
Saturday morning started bright and early!  Bandits had a photo shoot with Theorem Productions which unfortunately I didn't make it to due to traffic :P  We had to drop her and Coral off at the road before entering the parking lot of the convention center.  I was dressed in my masquerade outfit of Pocahontas while Bandits was wearing her Queen Zelda and Coral was Sailor Mars!  Tsuki no Stardust joined us at the con later on during the day in their Father Balder and Masked Lumen costumes.

Group photo!
I hosted a Disney gathering with Megan (who was my Witch of the Waste at Frostcon).  We had so many people come, it was crazy!!  A mandatory pass of the dealers room was made and eventually Bandits, Tsuki no Stardust and I entered the green room for the masquerade.  As always, the green room was super fun and we met lots of awesome people.  I basically fed my entire den with the huge supper I had packed up :D  All of our performances went really well, you can see our lovely Queen Zelda here, our Bayonetta duo here and my Pocahontas here!  We were all pooped after the masquerade but that didn't stop us from heading to see some late night panels!

Disney group :)
Sunday was a bit of a late start, mostly because we had to pack up and check out of the hotel.  I wore my Saber maid outfit, Bandits was dressed as Tifa, Coral was wearing her Attack on Titan lolita outfit and Tsuki no Stardust was dressed in their Bayonetta costumes.  Bandits had another shoot with Theorem while I had a Fate gathering that I wanted to attend.  I am so glad that I did because I made so many great new friends there!  The masquerade award ceremony happened around lunch time and Tsuki no Stardust won two awards in their category!!  Later on I had a private shoot with Doll Face Photography.  She was really good to work with and I highly recommend her for future shoots!  We ended the day with a final group dinner and many funny conversations on our way home.  All in all, it was a great convention and I can't wait to go back next year!

Tsuki no Stardust with their Awards!

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