Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Nadeshicon and Ottawa Comic Con 2015 Journal

Bandit Spurs, Stardustdrive from Tsuki no Stardust and I decided to go on a little adventure to Nadeshicon for one day.  We got to the con just before midday and were the last ones to get into the masquerade.  Bandits wore her Maiden Zelda, Stardust wore his Youko Kurama and I wore my Shunki cosplay.  We spent some time taking photos of each other outside and then photographer other cosplayers in the area.  We wandered around the dealer's room for a bit and then spent the rest of our time in the green room.  We had quite a bit of fun and got to meet new people which is always great.  Our performances went decently well but none of us know if we placed in our respective classes.  The day ended with us grabbing dinner together before heading out on our journey back to Montreal.

Bandit Spurs as Maiden Zelda
Stardust as Youko Kurama

Myself as Shunki
Ottawa Comic Con was also a one day event that I decided to attend.  Bandit Spurs, Corey, his friend Tim and I drove out for the Saturday.  Both Bandits and I were testing out our newest costumes, hers being Queen Zelda and mine being Pocahontas.  It was a good thing we didn't enter the masquerade because She still needed to do some painting and one of my zippers broke!  We met up with Annie before she had to go to the green room and we all got photos taken by Cosplayers Canada who was offering some free shoots.  Later on we sat in on the masquerade to watch Annie and the show was relatively quick.  All in all, it was a nice day to walk around in costume and take in all the sights!

Anniechie as Esmerelda and myself as Pocahontas

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